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How the Happy Birthday project came about

In spring 2020, I sent a Happy Birthday song to one of my contacts, while singing her first name in the Happy Birthday chorus. Her feedback was overwhelming: “It was the most personal gift, that I received on my birthday.” That was the impetus for my idea to sing Happy Birthday to all of my contacts.

About the project (video):

As a result of developing this idea further, I plan on making an individual birthday song available digitally to everyone. I started to study the history and origin of the Happy Birthday song. This song has several backgrounds. After 70 years of licence constraints, this song came into the public domain after 2015. I decided to compose, arrange, text, and interpret this song in 20 different music styles (Jazz, House, Reggae, Rock, and also intercultural styles like Indian, Latin, Oriental, Flamenco).

                             Roland and Gunvor Meyer; Photo by Bruno Torricelli

With my husband, I founded a music label, RMGM, which organizes the copyrights, the executive production, distribution, and registration of the songs worldwide. For arrangements, we engaged with Jens Gad, who is an international award winning producer with Gadmusic and Gadstudios in Hollywood. Jens has impressive skills for matching music styles from Classic to Electro Swing into my Happy Birthday tracks.


What is the project status and how does the Happy Birthday project work?

The production phase of the project has the following steps:

+ Composing of the verse from Happy Birthday and text enhancement in 20 music styles
- Registration of copyrights at SUISA, GEMA and BMI; getting global copyrights for RMGM.
+ Arranging and Recording of the instrumentals and voice 
+ Mixing, mastering of the songs
+ Distributing these 20 short greeting songs for streaming and download on platforms like Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon (search with "GUNVOR **** Happy Birthday"). **** for INDIAN, ORIENTAL, CHINESE, JAZZ, FUNK, ..
Or find Gunvor Happy Birthday songs via Shazam, scanning the preview sound on the home page of musicgreetings.online.
+ Producing 20 different video music clips for each music style.
+ Singing and recording the happy birthday tracks with 100 to 500 names per music style
+ Adding these “named” happy birthday tracks to individualized music videoclips; and make them available on Music Shop “musicgreetings.online” in a compressed format (4-6 MB) to be sent to your friends, family, customers & contacts via WhatsApp, email or other digital channels

++ In a second phase, there will be 3 minute radio editions to be broadcasted on air by radio stations for birthday wishes.

++ In winter 2020, there will follow seasonal music greetings with christmas song versions

Special characteristics of music greetings:This Happy Birthday gift is personalized. It’s something emotional and global reaching. It can meet the music taste of the birthday child.

Why should you use it?
For sure, you will surprise and make somebody very happy with it.

Who is it for?
For everybody.

On what occasion?
It is for a birthday in the family or in the personal network, in a club playing the house version, surprise at dinner in the restaurant, a birthday gala event/VIP dinner for congratulating a VIP person, for a children’s party, for an employee party, etc. It’s for birthday wishes via WhatsApp, email, or SMS and all other digital channels.

The 4 to 6 MegaByte small MP4/M4V video can be downloaded and sent with greeting messages. The MP3 can be downloaded from apple music and e.g. linked to JPG images or be posted for contacts on social media.

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