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Your personalized birthday gift: Happy Birthday music greeting video.

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Special characteristics of music greetings: This Happy Birthday gift is personalized. It’s something emotional and global reaching. It can meet the music taste of the birthday child

Why should you use it? For sure, you will surprise and make somebody very happy with it

Typical usage: Download on PC or mobile phone; to be attached to birthday message to your friends, family, customers and contacts via eMail, WhatsApp or other digital channels, e.g. post at Facebook or Linked-In

On live occasions: Musical surprise at any birthday event in the family or in the personal network, playing the house style track in a club, surprise at dinner in the restaurant, congratulating a VIP person, for a children’s party, for an employee party, etc.

What are the production steps of this product?

  • Composing, arranging and recording of happy birthday versions in 20 music styles
  • Registration of global copyrights for RMGM at SUISA, GEMA and BMI
  • Singing and recording happy birthday tracks with NAMES per music style by the Swiss singer GUNVOR
  • Distributing these songs for streaming and download e.g. at Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, etc.
  • Producing individualized “named” happy birthday music videoclips

Any content in the music video is licenced and copyrights are registered. 

Download Information: You can download the happy birthday video either in the checkout & payment process; or using the link in the order confirmation eMail.

Technical information: Video is compressed to 4-6 MegaByte / Format .M4V (similar to .MP4), 780 x 420 pixel

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If you would like to select a video without a specific name, please search with the name "Everybody".

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